Mike Tristani and David Urban

Both David and I had, for many years, a fear of going anywhere near the San Diego Humane Society facility because of our preconceived image in our minds of what we would see. Several animals huddled in cages just waiting to be adopted with the sad look of “please take me” on their faces! No, could not do that! We have both lived here for many many years and just couldn’t do it. All of our pets though, have come from rescue organizations.

A few years ago we were invited to some friends’ home for a fund raising type of event for the SD Humane Society. Our friend insisted that we had to meet Dr. Gary Weitzman the new director. Party? Of course, we were there. We met Gary and immediately hit it off with him and…at his encouragement, we arranged for a tour of the facility with all assurance that we would like what we saw. Gulp!!

It was a morning tour with Nicole and Gary which ended up with a visit to the kitten nursery! Well, once we set foot into the, at the time, ten year old facility we could not believe our eyes… It was a virtual hotel for the animals! Decorated rooms for both dogs and cats with furniture, lamps, wall art… We were in heaven to know that this is what our city has done. Every fear immediately vanished. We told as many people as we could about this amazing building and all of the incredible programs that were in place.

Surprisingly, there are many people who, for whatever reason, have never been to the Gaines Street campus. Perhaps for the same reason we had not. We intend to continue telling and encouraging people to go there both for adopting and just to see what a great contribution it is to out pet population in San Diego.

As a result of all of this, my main “go to” charity for contribution both on an annual basis and on an estate planning basis is the San Diego Humane Society. As a business person, I am approached for donation for many causes and by many organizations. While I continue to contribute to others on a smaller level, the SDHS will aways be my focal point recipient. It is a really comforting feeling to know that there is a definitive cause for me and for what I contribute not to mention knowing that it is all being put to incredible good use.

Thank you San Diego Humane Society and Dr. Gary Weitzman for all you do!