Tini Nakashima

tini & Jack redWhen my father passed away, I took care of his dog Goliath, a black miniature pinscher. On Goliath’s 11th birthday, he went out in my yard and was attacked and killed by a coyote.  Needless to say, I was devastated as I never realized there were coyotes anywhere in the neighborhood.   All my friends told me I should just adopt another dog but I wasn’t ready.  Instead, I got involved with San Diego Humane Society and started volunteering with their education and lecture events.

One day, I went on their adoption website and found a black 11 year old min-pin, Mr. Black who was half the size of Goliath.   He had chronic dry eyes and he had lost one of his eyes.  I also have dry eyes and I felt for Mr. Black.  I was sold!  I changed his name to Captain Jack and he is the love of my life – he is so adorable and loving.  Although he needs to have three different eye drops three times a day and he is going blind, he still acts like a young dog.  He loves going on walks and I take him the San Diego Humane Society Walk for Animals.

Because he needs a lot of attention, I had to reduce my volunteer hours as I hate to leave him.  I am a huge dog lover and I know that the Humane Society needs my help.  I am from Vietnam and on one of my visits I made there, I was so disgusted by the dog market.  In my country dogs are animals and in this country, dogs are our children. I appreciate how the San Diego Humane Society has gotten involved with the Yulin Festival & Korean dog rescue and because of the work that the Humane Society does, I have even included them in my estate.  Thank you for all you do for our animals!