Medical Externship Program

Our Veterinary team is committed to providing third and fourth year veterinary students of UC Davis or Western University with a comprehensive rotation further refining clinical skills and competencies.

San Diego Humane Society’s Externship Program accepts California veterinary school students on an approved school externship rotation or an approved independent study rotation. Official school documentation of rotation approval is required prior to confirming the rotation.

Those interested in an externship opportunity can look forward to:

  • Campuses located throughout San Diego County
  • Multiple full service medical facilities
  • Team of staff veterinarian mentors
  • Over 1,000 animals in care
  • Daily high volume surgeries
  • Advanced surgical and dental procedures
  • Challenging internal medicine cases
  • Emergency and critical care
  • Infectious disease case and shelter management
  • Humane Law Enforcement investigation cases
  • 24-hour orphaned kitten nursery
  • Digital standard and dental radiology, ultrasound
  • Veterinary Internship Program
  • Staff and educational rounds
  • Shadowing other departments: behavior and training, animal care, Humane Law Enforcement, admissions, adoptions

Current duties for externship applicants include:

  • Primary surgical and medical case responsibility
  • Patient examination, assessment, present findings, formulate diagnostic/treatment plan
  • Medical record keeping, S.O.A.P. format
  • Case management and follow up
  • Evaluation radiographs, ultrasounds and assess laboratory findings
  • Hands-on: routine surgeries, biopsies, cytologies, skin scrapes, drawing blood, cystocentesis, placing IV catheters, nerve blocks, dental extractions, necropsies
  • Assist in orthopedic, soft tissue specialized surgeries
  • End of rotation medical case or topic presentation

For more information about our Externship Program for third and fourth year veterinary students of UC Davis or Western University, email [email protected].

To discuss shadowing or volunteer options for UC Davis and Western University not on an official school rotation or for out-of-state/international veterinary students, please also inquire to [email protected]. Be aware that under California Law, we are unable to allow these students to perform the same duties and tasks as in-state third and fourth year veterinary students on an official school externship.

*To inquire about Veterinary Assistant and RVT externship availability, please email [email protected] with your preferred campus location/s, school name and contact, and all the requirements of your externship.