In the Name of Animal Rescue

Before sunrise on Aug. 29, three vehicles, a technical rescue trailer and a seven-person special response team rolled out of the parking lot of our San Diego Campus. Their destination: the greater Houston, Texas, area. Their mission: Help rescue and shelter animals stranded by Hurricane Harvey and reunite them safely with their families.

As first-responders for animals in distress, our Humane Law Enforcement Officers, Animal Rescue Reserve volunteers and trained staff will provide much-needed relief to Houston SPCA staff who have been working around-the-clock since #HurricaneHarvey made landfall a week ago. They will also work with local law enforcement and emergency command officials to rescue animals and livestock trapped by this devastating storm.

We all knew this storm was coming. When it hit, we didn’t even wait for Houston SPCA to call us. We made plans to get on the road. We’re fortunate that the community of animal lovers and those whose professional lives support them are all one when it comes to helping people and animals in need. Thank you for being part of that community and helping us be there when others need us.

We’re also doing our part here in San Diego. On Monday afternoon, in 111 degree heat at Gillespie Field, we brought in 49 dogs and cats from Louisiana. These pets, already available for adoption, were from shelters around Southeast Texas. The plan was to make room for evacuees and lost animals. They were flown to us along with Rancho Coastal Humane Society and Labradors and Friends by Wings of Rescue. It was hotter than the sun at Gillespie Field where we picked them up but it was worth it to get these babies to safety.

Recovery will go on for possibly months. Many people have expressed concern about the care and support of animals affected by this disaster. When tragedy strikes we’re here for each other and for those 2,000 miles away as well.

Click here to see the pets that are available for adoption, and look for #hh for the animals from this rescue effort.