Lost & Found

What to do if your pet is lost:



VISIT AND Call shelters:
Contact San Diego Humane Society and other animal shelters in your surrounding area to see if someone has filed a Found Report for your animal.

San Diego Humane Society provides lost and found services for the cities of Escondido, Imperial Beach, Oceanside, Poway, San Marcos and Vista.
(619) 299-7012

Escondido Campus
Covering Escondido, San Marcos and Poway
(619) 299-7012, ext. 2737
Email: [email protected].

Oceanside Campuses
Covering Oceanside and Vista
(619) 299-7012, ext. 2854
Email: [email protected].

Covers Imperial Beach
(619) 299-7012, ext. 2257
Email: [email protected].
You may also visit us in person at our San Diego Campus at 5500 Gaines St.

If you live outside of these cities, please see this page for a list of other organizations that provide lost and found services in your area.

Here is a Jurisdiction Chart by zip code to help you know who can help you. You should start with the shelter that covers the area your dog was last seen.

File a lost report:
Contact San Diego Humane Society and shelters in surrounding cities to file a Lost Report. Don’t forget to send pictures of the animal.

Search our website:
Search our website for found animals. If your pet has been missing for a while, also search our Available for Adoption page. Found pets are available for adoption after four days – the stray hold period required by law.

Continue searching:
Continue calling San Diego Humane Society and other shelters and checking shelter websites – your pet may show up after you called or searched the first time.

Create a Lost Pet flier:
Use these templates for cats or for dogs to create a “Lost Pet” flier and post it at:

  • Local veterinarian hospitals or clinics
  • Pet stores
  • Coffee shops
  • Craigslist in the Pets and Lost & Found sections
  • Local newspapers
DOWNLOAD: Tips and resources to find lost pets

Finding Rover:
Finding Rover is a facial recognition app that reunites lost dogs with their owners. Photos of dogs that are found or admitted to participating shelters are stored in the app’s database. Every time a pet parent posts a photo of a dog they’ve lost, Finding Rover scans its database and provides possible matches and necessary contact information within seconds.

For additional tips and information to help find your missing pet:
Lost Pet Plan

Did you lose an Animal?

Search this database of pets that have been reported to San Diego Humane Society as found in the cities of Escondido, Imperial Beach, Oceanside, Poway, San Marcos and Vista. This database is updated daily.