Day One – Lucy is Rescued

At just 2 years old, Lucy was living in a cramped home among 77 other dogs, surrounded by piles of dirt and feces. When she was first found by our Humane Officers, she was covered in scabs and fleas. Her skin was thick and inflamed, she was missing large patches of fur near her tail and eyes, her nails were so overgrown that her toes began to bend sideways, and she had given birth to possibly multiple litters. There was no denying that Lucy was in desperate need of help.

But through her discomfort and pain, Lucy’s eyes still shine bright. Her tail never stops wagging. She was quickly brought to the safety of her temporary home at San Diego Humane Society where her medical team is coming up with a plan to rehabilitate her as quickly as possible. For now, she’s resting comfortably surrounded by a plush bed, new toys and the love of our staff and volunteers. #78dogs

On average, it costs $1,382 to provide each dog with medical care, vaccinations, food and shelter while they are in our care and we need your help. You can provide lifesaving care  to the #78dogs rescued by donating now.

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