Rescued #78Dogs from Hoarder Home Are Available for Adoption

More than 45 of the 78 dogs rescued earlier this month from a hoarding case in El Cajon will be available for adoption on Thursday, Dec. 29. We’re overjoyed that these animals will get to start off the new year with new families in the homes they deserve.

The dogs are doing well, but many need socialization due to being isolated and kept inside their whole lives. Some are shy and unaccustomed to collars and leashes, and most are not yet housebroken. Nothing surprising given the conditions in which we found them. Their new families will need to help them transition into their new homes, but they won’t be alone. We’re here to help with behavior and medical support as well as the training classes all new dogs need.

The outpouring of community support has been tremendous. We’ve received donated blankets, towels, toys, bedding, sheets and more to care for these dogs. One of the dogs, 2-year-old Lucy, has received so much attention from potential adopters she is considered a “celebrity” and will have a special adoption application.

The remaining 33 dogs are either pregnant or newborns and will be available in February once the pups are old enough for adoption. Our partner Nestlé Purina is covering the adoption fees for all the dogs through a very generous donation.

Thanks to you, Purina and the generous support of our community, these dogs have been saved from the nightmare their lives took on inside that house. For now, they’re resting comfortably surrounded by plush bedding, new toys and the care of our staff and volunteers. We’re looking forward to getting all of them into the homes they deserve as soon as possible

We always hope never to need to do a rescue like this one. But we’re always ready to do what’s necessary to ensure that animals are safe in our community. And with your help, we’ll continue to do this into the new year. In the meantime, what a great way for the year to begin with these dogs finally getting the homes they deserve. We’re truly thankful for your support. As, I’m sure, are all of these beautiful dogs.


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Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA
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