The 10,000th Kitten Has a Name!

Selecting the perfect name for a kitten can be simple and obvious or challenging and elusive. The 10,000th kitten cared for by San Diego Humane Society’s Kitten Nursery, a male brown tabby, needed the perfect name to signify his milestone importance. So the San Diego Humane Society turned it into a public contest and nearly 400 entries were submitted. Nursery staff and volunteers carefully chose the name, considering endearing personality quirks like his propensity to sleep on top of – instead of inside – his strawberry-shaped bed, desiring the ideal moniker for this special striped kitten. And the winning entry is…

Nova, which means birth of a star. And that’s exactly what this special kitten is!

“We selected Nova because we felt it accurately reflected his character,” laughs Jackie Noble, Kitten Nursery supervisor. “It’s a clever and strong name that fits his personality now and will easily transition with him to adulthood, if his new family decides to keep it. He’s a spunky little guy and will grow into a very handsome cat.”

The contest winner will receive a gift basket donated by our generous sponsor, Purina.

Noble continues, “The other names submitted will not go to waste! We will be using the other top submissions to name the rest of Nova’s litter. And there will be hundreds of other kittens coming to the Kitten Nursery this year, so names like Dr. Waffles, Pickle Chip, Kitten McKittyface and the all the other very creative names will be used soon!”

Nova is currently in foster care. Join us for a Facebook Live video on the Day of Giving on Thursday, June 29, for an update on his adoption.