Vote yes on Proposition 67 and protect California’s wildlife

There’s a lot at stake in November’s election. When voters go to the polls, not only will they elect the next president of the United States and choose the composition of our Congress, but Californians will also vote on two propositions that have the power to affect our wildlife population dramatically. While many are focused on choosing a presidential candidate, we urge voters, as animal lovers and compassionate individuals, to take a closer look at the animal welfare initiatives proposed in November – Proposition 67.

San Diego is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, which is why San Diego Humane Society is building a state-of-the-art Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for Project Wildlife. This center will establish a new national standard for wildlife rescue, as it will be one of only a handful in the country that will house a full veterinary hospital dedicated to serving this diverse and important animal population.

Project Wildlife, founded in 1972, has cared for hundreds of animals who have fallen victim to plastic ingestion and entanglement due to human negligence. In fact, 90 percent of seabirds have plastic components in their stomachs, and we owe it to them and the rest of our animal population to take a step to protect their lives. This November, join us in voting YES on Proposition 67 to ban single-use plastic bags.

Plastic bags are one of the most common garbage items on California’s beaches. They pollute our rivers, streams, and oceans and dramatically affect the lives of wild animals who mistake them for food. Ingesting plastic obstructs the digestive system and causes wildlife to consume less food and ultimately starve to death. Also, bag waste piles up along freeways and in alleys and is inconsistent with our state’s leadership in ecological stewardship.

As a voter, you have the power and responsibility to speak up for the voiceless. By voting yes on Proposition 67, you can end the cycle of single-use plastic bags and encourage our community to use reusable bags. Besides saving wildlife, this just makes ecological sense.  A yes vote on Proposition 67 will help preserve marine life for future generations, clean up the environment both inland and at the beach, and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals along California’s coast.