Dogs & Storks™

Preparing families with dogs for life with baby

Dogs & Storks™ offers positive, practical, and fun solutions for new parents and expecting families. We strive to help make the transition from pet parent to baby parent as joyful and stress-free as possible. This two hour workshop is bursting with tips and information that will prepare families for life with a dog and baby under one roof.  Families will learn about the subtle language of dogs, how to recognize “Grumble and Growl Zones”, ways to handle their dogs before and after the baby arrives, and what type of supervision is expected with children and dogs.  Additionally we will help debunk myths and address common concerns that will help facilitate a smooth transition for when a new baby comes home.

Dogs & Storks ™ is appropriate for any type of house hold, whether you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, in the adoption process, a grandparent/aunt/uncle who has infants visiting, childcare providers and educators.

Shauna Romero CPDT-KA is a licensed presenter of Dogs & Storks™ and a Family Paws Parent Educator. Dogs & Storks is an internationally recognized training and coaching program designed for expecting families with dogs.

Cost:  $40 per person (please leave your furry family member at home)

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