Kitten Kindergarten

Kitten Kindergarten is designed specifically for kittens between the ages of 7 weeks and 15 weeks, this is the time period in which they are most receptive and open to learning new things. Kittens exposed to new environments, human handling, new people, and unfamiliar cats, new sounds and so on during this critical development period are more likely to be friendly and social adult cats. Kitten Kindergarten is held at our San Diego Campus on Gaines Street.


  • Kitten Socialization (Play Time)
  • Carrier desensitization and vet visit practice
  • Leash and harness training
  • Grooming care
  • Exposure to new people, smells, sights, and sound
  • Clicker training basics including Sit, down, recall, tricks, target training, mat training and more.

Kitten Ages: Up to 13 weeks old by first class

Price: $70

Schedule: 3 weekly classes 1 hour in length

(Proof Required for all vaccines, deworming, and negative FELV test)

  • Kittens must be no older than 13 weeks by the first class
  • Kittens must have at least one set of vaccinations given 7 days prior to class start date.
  • Kittens must be up to date with vaccines, dewormed and tested negative for FELV
  • Be in good health- no diarrhea, sneezing, congestion, missing hair
  • We reserve the right to turn any kittens away if we notice any of the above issues (missing hair, sneezing, etc). Participants participate at their own risk.

Owners will be turned away at start of class without proof of vaccinations, deworming, and negative FELV test and will not receive a refund.

  • Animals adopted from San Diego Humane Society will receive 20% off Kitten Kindergarten.
  • Adopters please create a profile online and call 619-299-7012 ext 2398 to receive discounted rate.
  • Adopter’s must provide their animal’s identification number, given by San Diego Humane Society, when registering.
  • Classes will be held indoors at our San Diego campus on Gaines Street
  • Preregistration is required

San Diego Humane Society only uses positive training methods and training tools including the use of food as a reward. We do not support the use of aversive training.

San Diego Humane Society group training classes are not meant for:

  • Cats who have growled, snapped or bit a person
  • Cats who are extremely fearful or feral
  • Cats who exhibit severe behavioral problems.
  • If your kitten is too old for Kitten Kindergarten, or is on the shyer side, we welcome auditors (human-only attendees) at an affordable rate!

Enrolling in this class confirms that your kitten will meet the above listed prerequisites. Not sure if this is right class for you? Call us at 619-299-7012 ext 2398.