Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten is a continuation of our Puppy Preschool Class and is designed to meet the training and socialization needs of pups that are 14-24 weeks old. Held at our San Diego Campus on Gaines Street, owners and their pups learn to adapt to new people, dogs, environments and experiences.


  • Duration of Sit, Stand, Down, Front, Side
  • Stay, Come, Heel
  • Appropriate greetings
  • Off leash socialization and recall
  • Settle Down
  • Leash walking- includes passing other dogs on walks
  • Drop it, Leave it


  • Dog Ages: Dog’s between the ages of 14-24 weeks
  • Price: $160
  • Schedule: 6 weekly classes 1 hour in length


  • Puppies must over the age of 14 weeks
  • Graduate of San Diego Humane Society’s Puppy Preschool, and or another organizations puppy class
  • Proof of attendance will be required (Receipt or certificate)
  • If your puppy will be older than 24 weeks of age when the class starts, please register for Level 1: Marvelous Manners.
  • Must show proof of vaccinations


  • Animals adopted from San Diego Humane Society will receive 20% off Puppy Preschool classes. Adopters please call 619-299-7012 ext 2398 to receive discounted rate. Adopters must provide their animal’s identification number, given by San Diego Humane Society, when registering.
  • Classes maybe held indoors and or outdoors at our San Diego campus on Gaines Street.
  • Preregistration is required.

For more information, call 619-299-7012 x 2398.

San Diego Humane Society group training classes are for friendly dogs and their owners. San Diego Humane Society only uses positive training methods and training tools including the use of food as a reward. We do not support the use of aversive training tools such as choke chains, prong collars, and shock collars.

San Diego Humane Society group training classes are not meant for:

  • Dogs who have growled, snapped or bit a person.
  • Dogs who have bitten other animals.
  • Dogs who exhibit aggression or other behavioral issues.

Enrolling in this class confirms that your dog will meet the above listed prerequisites. Not sure if this is right class for you? Call us at 619-299-7012 ext 2398.



For Additional Info on Puppy Socialization:
The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior view on puppy socialization can be found here (“Puppy Socialization Position Statement“).