Group Service

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at San Diego Humane Society!  Please check out the following opportunities we have available for groups looking to support our mission.  Please read each activity to see what fits your groups interest and size.

Fill out the electronic form below and choose just one activity to get the process started.

What: Groups of 15 or less are invited to help socialize rabbits, guinea pigs and fancy rats that are in our Education program or available for adoption.  Your volunteering provides them with valuable enrichment during their shelter stay. This program not only provides a great opportunity for individuals to have hands-on interaction with animals, but also for us to learn more about their personalities helping us place them in the best home.

When: Monday-Sunday  (Depending on availability)

  10am-4pm (2 hours – 1 hour interaction and a 1 hour tour/presentation)


What:  Groups of 10 or less are invited to participate in our Animal Spotlight program.  Participants will be introduced to a long term animal, learn about their story and share their experience with their circle of influence via social media or flyer distribution.

How: Activity will include:  Photo session with the animal and a tour of the campus.

When:  Monday-Sunday (depending on availability)

Hours: 9am-4pm (2 hours – 1 1/2 hour presentation and meet & greet/30 minute tour

Cost:  Donate treats and/or toys for the spotlight and his friends

What:  Groups of up to 40 are invited to learn about a San Diego Humane Society program or service that includes a Q&A with the program/service expert.  This experience will not only offer the participant more insight to San Diego Humane Society, but they will also be asked to share the experience with their friends and family.  Activity will also include: Animal meet & greet and an volunteer activity to support program and/or animal featured.

When:  Monday-Sunday (depending on availability)

How: Activity will include:  Photo session with the animal and a tour of the campus.

Hours: 9am-4pm (2 hours – 1 1/2 hour presentation and meet & greet/30 minute tour

Cost:  Donate needed supplies for the spotlight program

What:  Groups of 15 volunteers or less are invited to a San Diego Humane Society adoption event to help drive traffic to the off-site location.

How: Participants will be asked to pre-promote event via social media; Make signs for day of event; Promote animals via social media during and after; Share brochures with guests and passerby’s

When:  Wednesday-Sunday (depending on availability)

Hours: 9am-8pm (Events are typically 3 hours)

What:  Your group of any size is invited to help us out in the community!  Check out this list and see if anything interests you.   Activity includes a kick off or wrap up tour and animal meet and greet at one of our campuses.

When:  You pick the date

Hours: You pick the time

Cost:  Depends on what activity you choose

What: Your group of any size can put on a bake sale (human and/or dog) either at your place of business, school, etc. or at a San Diego Humane Society campus. Treat sales will be donated to San Diego Humane Society.

How:  Participants will receive a tour and animal meet & greet.  If group is larger than 20, special arrangements will need to be made for the tour.

When:  Monday-Sunday

Hours: 9am-6pm (if you choose to do this at a San Diego Humane Society location)

Cost:  Materials / ingredients for treats

What:  Mission Search and Share

How:  Participants will scower the community looking for images that best reflect the mission of San Diego Humane Society; showcasing responsible pet ownership and the power of the human animal bond.  Participants will be directed to photograph 10 mission focused moments and post (#).  As each participant and/or team completes the task, they will meet at the designated campus for a tour and animal meet and greet. The first team finished will win a prize.

When: Monday-Sunday

Hours: 9am-6pm

Cost:  N/A

Also, we can customize your program based on the size of your team or area of focus for your team building efforts