Lauren DuBois

Director of Wildlife Rehabilitation, Project Wildlife

With more than 30 years of experience in promoting the education, health and preservation of wild animals and nature, DuBois leads the critical work associated with the care and rehabilitation of San Diego’s orphaned and injured wild animals. She manages the care of our region’s at-risk wildlife through Project Wildlife, which is one of the nation’s largest wildlife rehabilitation organizations and cares for more than 10,000 wild animals each year.

DuBois brought 31 years of experience with her to San Diego Humane Society from SeaWorld, where she served as an assistant curator of birds and, for 18 years, a SeaWorld San Diego liaison with the Oiled Wildlife Care Network. There DuBois primarily oversaw the care, conservation efforts and logistics for the park’s penguin population. This included coordinating penguin transports, monitoring daily health and husbandry, supporting diverse research and conservation efforts and speaking at national conferences. DuBois was a participant of Homeward Bound, a Woman in Science leadership initiative – which traveled to Antarctica – designed to guide participants to elevate the leadership role of women in science, especially in the areas of sustainability and climate change.

As a liaison, DuBois assisted in educating key populations about the rehabilitation of wildlife exposed to oil, and coordinated the logistics of the park’s Oiled Wildlife Care Center. She was part of a team who helped care for nearly 20,000 penguins affected by an oil spill in South Africa.

DuBois graduated in 1985 from Scripps College with a bachelor’s degree in film/fine arts. She currently lives in the University Heights area of San Diego, but takes every opportunity she can to hike, travel and explore the world. She’s even been to all seven continents!

Lauren DuBois