83 Neglected Rabbits Find Safe Refuge And Medical Care At San Diego Humane Society Today

SAN DIEGO – May 6, 2015  |  Today, San Diego Humane Society admitted 83 rabbits rescued from neglect and harsh living conditions. A team of specially trained animal welfare professionals from San Diego Humane Society transported 83 rabbits after a private individual purchased the rabbit farm in Riverside County. Similar to conditions found in puppy mills, the rabbits had been living in filthy, antiquated cages without proper medical care.

While Riverside County is outside of San Diego Humane Society’s typical service area, this rescue effort was initiated when PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) requested the help of San Diego Humane Society to care for, rehabilitate, and re-home these rabbits.

Upon arrival to San Diego Humane Society’s Oceanside Campus, the rabbits were immediately examined by veterinarians who found a variety of medical issues including some tumors, severe dental issues, overgrown claws, skin sores from urine burns, hair loss, as well as respiratory disease. Some rabbits were missing ears or toes.

“Our goal at San Diego Humane Society has always been to end animal suffering and we are committed to helping all animals within our reach,” says Dr. Gary Weitzman, President and CEO of San Diego Humane Society. “Taking in this many animals makes a significant impact on our resources, space, and personnel but it’s our mission. These animals deserve a second chance and we’ll do our very best for them.”

This year alone, San Diego Humane Society is on track to care for more than 17,000 domestic and nearly 10,000 wild animals. To properly care for this additional volume of rescued rabbits, specialty veterinary attention, housing enclosures, food and medical supplies are all essential. Any necessary behavior modification work will also be provided before re-homing the rabbits to adopters.

Weitzman continues, “Their health and safety are at the top of our priorities. Our team has prepared extensively and we are optimistic about their recovery. After the stress of transportation and acclimating to a new environment, our priority will be to give these animals time and space to adjust. We will address their medical needs and begin the rehabilitation so they can be offered up for adoption with new families.”

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Kelli Schry: 619.250.6801 or [email protected].

About San Diego Humane Society

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