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When we received the call that dozens of dogs were in urgent need of help, we didn’t hesitate. What we found at the scene was shocking. Packed into a small home in North County were 92 dogs suffering from a variety of medical problems including skin issues, parasites and severe matting; they were covered in urine and feces.

Since the rescue of the original 92 dogs, we discovered additional animals in need of assistance. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for hoarders to hide or move animals to other locations in a desperate attempt to hold onto something they love. The total number of dogs rescued is now 123.

On initial assessment, it will cost San Diego Humane Society nearly $130,000 to treat these dogs with medicine and rehabilitative care. And there could be even more unexpected costs along the way.

You can provide the lifesaving care the 123 Yorkies need to recover. Please donate today! 

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