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San Diego Humane Society offers training workshops and resources to address a variety of needs for companion animals.

As of July 1, San Diego Humane Society began providing animal services to six additional cities in our region, increasing the number of animals we care for from 30,000 to over 50,000 per year.

In order to provide much-needed behavioral rehabilitation to the increased number of animals in our care, we will be temporarily discontinuing our public training classes. This will allow us to provide individualized care and attention to the new animals we are responsible for. Be on the lookout for new training classes to begin January 2019! Don’t worry, our trainers are still available to help with your behavior support needs! Please continue to utilize the services available to you that are listed on this page.

Our training philosophy is based on the behavioral science concepts of positive reinforcement. Training your pet using these concepts will not only help them learn new behaviors more quickly, it will also strengthen the bond you share.

To speak with a San Diego Humane Society trainer, fill out the below form, call 619-299-7012, ext. 2244 or email [email protected] and a trainer will respond.

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Nose work is a great way for any dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy.

This beginner workshop focuses on teaching you how to encourage and develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise. Dog and handler teams learn how to perform basic container and interior searches. Cost: $85.

Topics covered in this Advanced level workshop include improve your dog’s sourcing ability; refine how your team covers a search area; handlers ability to accurately read dogs communication signals when in odor and at source; inaccessible and elevated hides; converging odor, and trial preparation. Cost: $100.

Topics covered in this Advanced level workshop include improve your dog’s sourcing ability; refine how your team covers a search area; handlers ability to accurately read dogs communication signals when in odor and at source; inaccessible and elevated hides; converging odor, and trial preparation. Cost: $100.



Specialized workshops for animals that need specific focus or special training.

Dogs & Storks™ workshop offers positive, practical, and fun solutions for new parents and expecting families. We strive to help make the transition from pet parent to baby parent as joyful and stress-free as possible.
Cost: $35 per person.

Dogs & Toddlers™ offers positive, practical, and fun solutions for families with young children and dogs as they face various ages and stages of baby’s first three years. You will learn how to prevent problems, implement realistic management methods, facilitate appropriate interaction, and much more.  All the material covered is designed to be relevant, valuable, and easy to implement.
Cost:  $35 per person.

Dogs Parks? Are they good or are they bad? Depending on who you talk to dog parks can be viewed as a terrific place to take your pet for some off leash exercise and socialization. They can also be viewed as a traumatic place, some dogs develop behavioral issues or have been seriously injured. What determines whether your dog will have lots of fun or wish they never left home? Well the answer is Dog Park Etiquette for both owners and their dogs. This workshop focuses on educating pet parents on the do’s and don’ts of a dog park, what to look for in regards to healthy play vs. unhealthy play, and how to be a good dog park visitor all together.  This is a lecture for humans only, please leave your dog at home.
Cost: $35.

This mini lecture addresses how to prevent and manage unwanted dog behaviors before they become a problem. Lecture Topics Include: How to successfully integrate your pet into your home; how to communicate effectively with your dog; preventing destructive behaviors; solving problem behaviors; and house training.
Cost: $35.


Other Behavior Resources

Due to the potential for serious injury, canine and feline aggression is best handled by a professional who specializes in behavior. Because phone or email counseling is inadequate for addressing serious behavior concerns, we ask that you contact a qualified professional for help.

To learn about Veterinary Behaviorists visit To learn about Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists visit

Dr. Rachel Malamed

Dr. Patrick Melese

Dr. Stefanie Schwartz

Dr. Karen Sueda

Dr. Jill Goldman

San Diego Humane Society Training Partners

All training partners have demonstrated their commitment to using positive reinforcement training techniques and San Diego Humane Society’s mission of promoting the humane treatment of animals, preventing cruelty to animals and providing education to enhance the human-animal bond.

These trainers donate their time to San Diego Humane Society in various ways, and we would like to recognize them with preferred status on our Training Partners list.

Alyssa Rose (Lapinel), CPDT-KA
Legends Dog Training
(619) 431-1233
[email protected]
Specializes in: Creating customized behavior modification plans for fearful, anxious, aggressive or impulsive behavioral issues and puppy start right training. 

Angie Fonseca, CPDT-KA
(619) 384-1024
Specializes in: puppy classes, basic manners, training in public settings, private consultations

Atsuko Greenwood, KPA CTP
(619) 207-7661
[email protected]
Specializes in: in-home training, fearful and reactive dogs, Japanese and English clients

Hiromi Suzuki
Canine to Five
(619) 684-5959
Specializes in: doggie daycare, group classes, warm water exercise, grooming

For an additional list of dog trainers in San Diego, visit: 

These trainers have worked with us at events, through class offerings and workshops or in other ways that have given us firsthand knowledge of their training techniques.

Smrt Dog
(619) 241-4828
[email protected]
Specializes in: group classes, dog sports, tricks classes, puppy classes

For more recommended dog trainers, please visit

Download San Diego Dog Trainers List of Effective Positive Trainers for Dogs.